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Here at ArtBouquet we believe first and foremost in the experience.

Tattoos are forever so the experience has to be unforgettable.


ArtBouquet is a collective of 8 tattoo artists.


Alongside art that is uncompromising we serve the experience itself, with emphasis on creating a unique and original sketch for each client. The process starts from the first phone call, continues through a simulation of the tattoo and all the way until the tattoo is done.


In the studio you can enjoy a wide array of beverages, from soft drinks to great coffee and even beer (After the tattoo).

Alongside all of that you can also find changing art displays


1st place winners at the international tattoo convention in Tel-Aviv


We believe in the morals of the Buddha:

Generosity, morality, wisdom, effort, patience, persistence, reliability, honesty, determination, love of good will and mental balance.


You’re more than welcome to be part of our journey.

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